Rivoli Design Group | About Us
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About Us


In the years prior to the new millennium – and just before the dawn of the digital age – we were working hard and fast on a big idea: digital inking. Digitally inking animated characters and style guide art for the entertainment licensing industry didn’t exist. We were determined to be the first studio to do it.


Taking the lead in developing and perfecting a digital inking process was our design agency’s response and solution to the three greatest challenges our clients faced at the time: hand inking methods were too slow for fast paced licensing needs; production costs were high; and the reproduction quality was poor, especially in large scale formats.


Being the first to create digitally rendered, vector based art resolved real business problems for our clients; costs went down, turnarounds were faster and the print quality of character artwork was flawless regardless of its size.


Our innovation became the niche that distinguished our studio, allowing us to grow and build a client base that includes many of the world’s largest film and television production companies.


In recent years, we have built upon this niche by introducing fine art programs that offer an exclusive appeal in luxury licensing and gala events. A powerful fusion of digital rendering and Renaissance oil painting techniques, this signature style has become a driving force in high-end marketing and has expanded our agency’s services into Gallery, Road Show and Trade Show work.